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Tariff & Fees

General Account Related Services via Branch

Transaction Type Fee
(Effective 30 December 2016)
Balance Inquiry Free
Cash Withdrawal Rupiah Rp 10.000,-1
Foreign Currency2 Free3
Transfer In-house transfer Free
Local Clearing Cheque/BG Other bank Rp 2.000,-
Interbank GIRO Rp 5.000,-
RTGS Rp 30.000,-
Foreign Fund Transfer4 Involve Foreign Exchange Rp 50.000,-
Foreign Fund Transfer4 Not Involve Foreign Exchange Rp 50.000,- + Provision 0,125%
Multicurrency Rp 100.000,-
Credit Card Billing OCBC NISP Rp 10.000,-
Other Bank Rp 5.000,-

1Not applied to Tabunganku, Tanda Junior, Multicurrency, GIRO, Business Smart, Business Signature, Tanda Payroll, Simpel and if OCBC NISP ATM is offline.
Fee applied to Cash Withdrawal Transaction up to IDR 5.000.000,-

2Valid for the following currencies: USD, SGD, AUD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CNH, HKD.
Notes: For customer convenience in specific amount of banknotes transaction, Customers need to contact OCBC NISP branch for banknotes availability.

3Free with condition:

  • Saving account transaction limit equivalent to USD 5,000/day and USD 50,000/month.
  • Current account and Multicurrency account limit equivalent to USD 30,000/month.

A provision fee charged for withdrawals that exceed the limit.

  • Saving account will be charged 0.25% provision fee.
  • Current account and Multicurrency will be charged 0.5% provision fee.
  • List of OCBC NISP Branches for banknotes transaction Click here
Banknotes Deposits:
  • Equivalent ≤ USD 50.000 per day per account is free of charge.
  • A 0.5% Provision fee will be charged if transaction is more than daily limit.

4TT full amount fees are as follow: USD 25, GBP 15, SGD 25, AUD 25, EUR 20, CNY 200, HKD 200, and JPY:

  • Amount ≤ JPY 40 mio : JPY 5.000.
  • Amount > JPY 40 mio : JPY 5.000 + 0.05% of the excess.

Transaction Services Through ATM/Mobile/Internet Banking OCBC NISP

Transaction   Fee
Fund Transfer    
Interbank Transfer (Online) IDR 6,500
Interbank Transfer (LLG / SKN) – IB / MB only IDR 4,000
Interbank Transfer (RTGS) – IB / MB only IDR 25,000
Telegraphic Transfer    
>Telex Fee IDR 75,000
>Provision Fee   Free of Charge
>Full Amount Fee    
    - USD USD 25
    - EUR EUR 20
    - AUD AUD 25
    - GBP GBP 15
    - HKD HKD 300
    - SGD SGD 25
    - CNY CNY 200
    - CAD CAD 25
    - CHF CHF 15
    - NZD NZD 45
    - JPY JPY 4,500
Bill Payment    
PLN Postpaid IDR 2,000
Telkom / Flexi / Speedy IDR  2,500
Rumah Zakat IDR  2,500
Credit Card (excluding DBS ex-ANZ, Citibank, Danamon, Permata) IDR 2,500
PDAM IDR  2,500
Go-Pay Top Up  IDR 2,000
Credit Top Up Purchase IDR  
PLN Prepaid IDR 2,000
Telkomsel IDR  1,500
XL IDR 1,500

*if not stated in the Table of Fees above, other payments & purchases are free of charge

Transaction Services Through Other ATM Network

Transaction Type ATM Bersama/Prima OCBC Bank Singapore Bank Card Malaysia
Cash Withdrawal Rp 8.000,- Rp 10.000,- Rp 15.000,-
Transfer In-house Transfer Rp 7.500,- N/A N/A
Interbank (Online) Rp 7.500,- N/A N/A
Balance Check Rp 4.500,- Free N/A
Debit (Prima Debit) Free N/A N/A
Transaction Failure Rp 4.000,- N/A N/A

Benefits for Tanda 360° Account With A Balance of Rp 10.000.000,- or More Post Transaction

Transaction Type ATM OCBC NISP Mobile & IB ATM Bersama/Prima OCBC Bank Singapore Bank Card Malaysia
Cash Withdrawal Free N/A Free Free Free
Transfer In-house Transfer Free Free Free N/A N/A
Free Free Free N/A N/A
GIRO Debit Account1 N/A Free N/A N/A N/A
Balance Check Free Free N/A Free N/A
Debit (Prima Debit) N/A N/A Free N/A N/A

1Free interbank transfer for maximum 30X per month via ATM, Mobile & Internet Banking


Type of Cards Currencies Cash Withdrawal Transfer To Other Bank Transfer To Bank OCBC NISP Debit Transaction Payment & Purchase
ATM Regular Mastercard / GPN card IDR Rp 15.000.000,- Rp 50.000.000,- Rp 100.000.000,- Rp 50.000.000,- Rp 100.000.000,-
Premier Card & Private Banking Mastercard / GPN card IDR Rp 15.000.000,- Rp 50.000.000,- Rp 100.000.000,- Rp 50.000.000,- Rp 200.000.000,-
Tanda Junior ATM Cards IDR Rp 500,000.- Rp 500,000.- Rp 500,000.- Rp 500,000.- Rp 500,000.-
SGD Foreign Currency ATM Card SGD Equivalent

- SGD Foreign Currency ATM is only for cash withdrawals on the OCBC network in Singapore
- Cash withdrawal limit and Inter Bank transfer limit is transaction limit  per one day per account


  • Lalu Lintas Giro (LLG) is the mechanism of inter bank transfer using clearing facilities
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is the mechanism of interbank transfer in real time, therefore funds will be transferred into the recipient account immediately
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT) is an international transfer of funds
  • The above information on Tariff & Fees is valid for all individual OCBC NISP customers (not including Premier Banking customers)
  • N/A (Not available) denotes a service that is not provided
  • Tariff & Fees may change from time to time and will be informed to all OCBC NISP customers accordingly
  • Tariff information on e-Channel services (ATM, Mobile & IB) is valid per 13 February 2016
  • Tariff & Charges are subject to change. Please visit the Tariff & Fees section of the website
  • The terms and condition regarding monetary transactions conducted via branch or e-Channel can be found in the terms and condition provided at the time of opening and setting an account. For these terms and conditions, please visit