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Prime Lending Rate

Prime Lending Rate (Suku Bunga Dasar Kredit) OCBC NISP Bank - as 26 June 2019
Prime Lending Rate (SBDK)
Based on Credit Segment
Corporate Retail Consumer Loan
Loan Loan (*) Mortgage (**) Non Mortgage
10.50% 11.50% 10.20% 10.75%

*) Specifically for OCBC NISP BANK does not include Micro Loan
**) Specifically for Bank OCBC NISP is a floating rate


  1. The Prime Lending Rate (prime lending rate) is not yet take into account the risk premium component whose magnitude depends on the bank's assessment of the risk of each debtor. Thus, the amount of lending rates charged to borrowers are not necessarily equal to the prime lending rate.
  2. Non-Mortgage Consumer Loan does not include provision of funds through credit cards and unsecured loans.
  3. The prime lending rate is effective on 26 June 2019 until changes and further information.