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  • Mutual funds starting at Rp 20.000  per day 
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Other Information About Nyala

NYALA is not like one product (digital saving/ mutual funds/ TAKA) that is offered by other banks.

NYALA is a banking service by OCBC NISP that gives the best benefits based on your Combined Balance from several products that you have in OCBC NISP (saving, deposit, current account, TAKA, and investment product).

Just by having average of IDR 1 mio per month of your Total Combined Balance, you can enjoy lots of benefits by NYALA | OCBC NISP

- Loan limits start from IDR 25,000,000 to IDR 200,000,000
- Tenor of 12, 24 and 36 months
- Interest: 1.59% flat per month for a period of 36 months

For customers who own Joint Account, only primary customer will be eligible for benefits in the joint account. Secondary (non-primary) customer is not eligible for Nyala benefits in the joint account.




Correspondence address or other address and/or electronic address on this Consolidated Statement is system generated. If you find any suspicious information in this Consolidated Statement, or if there is a change of your data or correspondence address or email address, please contact your Relationship Manager or OCBC NISP Call Center at 1500-999 or 62-21-26506300 from overseas no later than 30 calendar days of the date of this Consolidated Statement.

If PT. Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk (“Bank OCBC NISP”) does not receive any objection to the Consolidated Statement within 30 calendar days of the date of its issuance, you will be deemed to have accepted, acknowledged and agreed to all information in this Consolidated Statement. Any risks arising from, including but not limited to all claims, losses and liabilities in relation to your failure or delay in providing Bank OCBC NISP with any necessary confirmation shall be your own risks/responsibility, and Bank OCBC NISP is held harmless against any risks and liabilities.



This Consolidated Statement has been prepared by Bank OCBC NISP in accordance with Bank Indonesia regulations to update you on your portfolio value at Bank OCBC NISP, consisting of both bank products (“Bank Products”) and non-bank/investment products (Non- Bank Products), and the portfolio summary shall be used for reference only.

This Consolidated Statement does not constitute evidence of your ownership of such Bank Products and Non-Bank Products. You are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Consolidated Statement. Bank OCBC NISP will update this Consolidated Statement from time to time. It is advisable that you regularly read the applicable Terms and Conditions.

All references to the terms "Summary” and “Account" as used in this Consolidated Statement must be construed as general references only and do not refer to your specific deposits, investments and loans.

Your personal deposits, investments and loans will not be actively monitored by Bank OCBC NISP. Bank OCBC NISP does not undertake, and is not obliged to observe, manage or monitor or otherwise attend to your deposits, investments and loans.

The Non-Bank Products specified in this Consolidated Statement are not the products of Bank OCBC NISP, and thus such Non-Bank Products are not covered by the government blanket guarantee program or the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS). Therefore, Bank OCBC NISP shall not be liable in any way for all consequences and risks connected with such Non-Bank Products because Bank OCBC NISP in this matter is only acting as either a selling agent or a referral agent.

The Non-Bank Product portfolio provided in this Consolidated Statement is not intended to replace the statement and/or confirmation to be provided by the relevant Investment Manager and/or Custodian Bank and/or Insurance Company and/or Securities Company (“Confirmation Letter”). If there is any discrepancy between the Confirmation Letter and the Consolidated Statement, the Confirmation Letter shall prevail. Bank OCBC NISP shall not be liable for the Confirmation Letter, so that any issues arising from the Confirmation Letter will be managed by the relevant Investment Manager and/or Custodian Bank and/or Insurance Company and/or Securities Company.


Your portfolio details in the Consolidated Statement may not include executed transactions that are still pending settlement. They will be shown in a subsequent composite statement once the transaction has been settled. All information related to Non-Bank Products, such as: insurance and capital market product is provided by Insurance Company, Custodian Bank, Investment Manager and Securities Company and may lag by 2 (two) or 3 (three) business days. If there is any discrepancy on insurance and capital market product data provided by Bank OCBC NISP with insurance and capital market product data provided by the Insurance Company, Custodian Bank, Investment Manager and Securities Company, you are encouraged to refer to data from the Insurance Company, Custodian Bank, Investment Manager and Securities Company.

The Information in this Consolidated Statement is not intended as primary supporting data and therefore must not be relied upon or used for tax purposes.

Portfolio value in this Consolidated Statement is a rounding value adjusted to positions as of the transaction date and such positions may differ from those of the respective statement of deposit, investment and loan accounts, which reflect positions as of the settlement date.

The equivalent IDR (Rupiah) balance shown in this Consolidated Statement represents an equivalent IDR amount as a result of currency exchange using Bank Indonesia Middle Rate for Balance Value or Amount or Indicated Market Value or Loans.

Bank OCBC NISP shall not be liable for any information provided by third parties. The official confirmation of your portfolio administered and managed by such third party and any issues arising from the relevant information shall be provided and dealt with directly by such third party.



Deposit. Interest is calculated on the average daily balance at the end of the month. The interest is credited to your account in Bank OCBC NISP according to the type of deposit product owned by you. Any terms and conditions as well as product features and interest rates that have been agreed by you are subject to periodic review and may be changed or altered by Bank OCBC NISP at its sole discretion with notice through media deemed properly by the Bank OCBC NISP and subject to the prevailing laws and regulations.

Investment and Bancassurance. Market values are indicative and may not be the price when the sale transaction is executed. Please contact Your Relationship Manager to get the latest pricing.

Bancassurance. The nominal value shown in the “Indicative Market Value” column for non-unit-linked Life Insurance (not linked to investment) represents: 1) the cash value, in respect of products with a cash value. 2) the amount of premium and fees (if any) that has been paid, in respect of products with no cash value. Information on following Life Insurance products: MaxAssured Saver, EduSave, Harta, MaxHealth, Entrepreneur, LiveSMART Protector, MaxTerm Payback, MaxPrestige Care, Home Partner and other insurance products offered through Telemarketing is not shown in this Consolidated Statement. If transactions made on the last business day of the month are not included in this report[SDD1]  then the data will be available in the following month Consolidated Statement. For more information on these products, please refer to the statements on such products issued and directly sent by the relevant Insurance Company.

Bond. The Indicative Market Value does not include accrued interest, income tax and custodian fee (if any).


  • 1.Loans with collateral and Credit Card. You must pay in a timely manner all obligations owed. Delay in payment can result in penalties, interest arrears, principal arrears, and other costs related to the credit facility that is owed from You to Bank OCBC NISP based on the Credit Agreement and can be blocked on your OCBC NISP Credit Card (if any). The terms and conditions as well as product features and interest rates agreed upon by You may be reviewed periodically and can be changed at any time at the discretion of Bank OCBC NISP.
  • 2.Loans with no collateral and Credit Card. Your Loan Account and Credit Card Account (if any) will be linked to each other. Any late payment of your obligation may result in your Bank OCBC NISP Credit Card being blocked. You must pay all outstanding obligations including the principal, interest, and any other fees incurred in connection with your Loan and Credit Card Accounts in a timely manner. All bills and payments are made in Rupiah, and so are cash withdrawals in a foreign currency. The exchange rate applicable to you is determined by the principal and the exchange rate applicable at Bank OCBC NISP. Any risks or losses arising from the difference in exchange rates in the repayment and/or cancellation of transactions in a foreign currency shall be your own risk and responsibility.

Sharia. All references to the terms “revenue sharing or bonus” as used in this Consolidated Statement provided by N/A. Further information please contact Bank OCBC NISP Sharia Branch Office or Sharia Service Office.

Channeling or Loan Distribution From a Third Party (Fintech or Multi-finance). Any information on loan value and other matters related to channeling activities in fintech or multi-finance display as N/A in this Consolidated Statement.


This Consolidated Statement is made in Indonesian and English language versions. Both language versions have the same legal force, but the parties agree if there is a discrepancy in this Consolidated Statement, the Indonesian version shall prevail.



OCBC NISP NYALA, NYALA BISNIS, NYALA INDIVIDU As a Nyala / Nyala Bisnis / Nyala Individu customer, you are privileged to enjoy our services such as deposit accounts, wealth management, loan facilities, and other benefits, including a Relationship Manager dedicated to assisting you with our Nyala / Nyala Bisnis / Nyala Individu Services. Thank you for your trust in OCBC NISP banking services. For further information, please contact OCBC NISP Call Center at 1500-999 or +62-21-26506300 from overseas. You can also visit our website at www.ocbcnisp.com.



As a customer, you are eligible to get Poinseru from various Bank Products with points as reward. The information about Poinseru in this Consolidated Statement is not in real time with the printed date. You can access your Poinseru detail in real time at Loyalty OCBC NISP website, https://raih.id, in “Activity” page.


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